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Solved can not send private message? who knows?
Some of them will attempt padding, and that will expose them to moderators where they can be banned. Sometimes it just flat out stops them. Either way, until we have a better way to deal with PM spam this is what we're doing.

As for why we can't blacklist banned add-on names, that won't really work, at least not with a huge chunk of them. They contain common words like genesis, or 1 channel, which can easily be a false trigger. Xfinity is also the name Comcast gives to their TV service, and a lot of people ask how they can watch xfinity with Kodi and they're talking about cable card tuners.

I've actually suggested a one-time-popup that could be dismissed that was based on keywords, but the idea wasn't well received and we don't know of a MyBB plug-in that does this.
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RE: can not send private message? who knows? - by Ned Scott - 2015-06-16, 10:19

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