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(2018-06-17, 02:37)Warner306 Wrote:
(2018-06-16, 17:43)brazen1 Wrote:
(2018-06-16, 01:11)Warner306 Wrote: FYI, I read on the MakeMKV forum from two users that JRiver Media Center now supports BD menus for both BD and UHD Blu-ray. It is paid software and offers nothing new, as it is a native madVR player, but I thought you might be interested...


Edit: I don't think you can add it as an external player, so it might not be useful to you.
 I think JRiver is an entire front end?  I don't think its player can be launched separate from the front end any more than the KODI player could.  I also prefer KODI as a front end and have no interest replacing it especially for a closed source paid one although SDR and HDR menus offers another alternative.  3D too?  That said, I have not looked at JRiver install files and am completely unfamiliar with it.  Thank you for presenting something new at the table.  This info may come in handy one day......  
Yes, JRiver is complete front-end. I didn't think about it before I posted. I thought it would have been an ideal solution for someone with a collection full of ISO files. nevcairiel, the developer of LAV Filters, works part-time for JRiver. I have tried it and it is not as customizable or as deep as Kodi. No doubt about that. It just has an excellent media player. 
That is correct. My intention was never to replace Kodi or its internal player for that matter - except for BD ISO & 4K HDR. Not being able to launch a player as external player via Kodi is a deal breaker. Thanks for the post & info though. It was a good read - I had no idea jRiver was handing 4K & HDR, including 4K ISO playback with menus. This was very promising and optimistic to read. Not too long ago, MPC/MadVR or PDVD with special hardware were the only 2 means of playing back 4K HDR, then stepped in DVDFab, then stepped in VLC Vetinari, and now jRiver - while incompatible with Kodi, is providing it's users the same capabilities. This is an excellent direction the media player industry, specially the free media player industry is heading towards. I'm delighted!

brazen1 Wrote:Understand, PCF is supported..... it just doesn't work correctly anymore, at least in all my testing with KODI v.18 Alpha's.
Wait, what? Playercorefactory.xml is not supported in Kodi v18 "Leia" Alpha 1? But that's the version I'm using and I'm also using playercorefactory.xml with it - and it's launching my external players per the code & definitions defined in this thread; the .bat files et al. What am I missing here? What version of Kodi are you using?

brazen1 Wrote:Still waiting on your manual mount of hdr.iso playback confirm or deny.....
So my eternal apologies for the delay - It just so happens that the day I discovered VLC Vetinari, we began a critical phase at work with strict deadlines. I have been ridiculously swamped and my personal time has taken a prolific hit. I'm an Engineer for NASA, working on the upcoming Mars & Europa missions and we're pushing 'cosmic' deadlines (pun intended) to meet mission demands. Media & games have been a strong hobby of mine, almost a passion, for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I've just been consumed with my other passion - my work. I'll make every effort to test the ISO with VLC as soon as I can squeeze a moment. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks guys.
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