OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Now here is another debug. This time it is with deinterlacer on and as method is selected Bob. This time the video just freezes (stays on one frame) if i press stop this time it stops the video and if i select play it plays again (does not freeze the gui as in other way and othe debug).

After some testing it seems the following:
If I have deinterlacer on and auto as deinterlaced method it freezes after some time with complete freeze as Milhouse has.
If I select deinterlacer on and MMAL Bob as method the picture freezes after some time with video freeze but can stop it and select it once again and it plays again. so without gui freeze,
If I deselect deinterlacer so off, then there are not freezes.

ATM I have those overclocking with 50 celsius temp. With next test i will use default settings and will repeat the tests but i have a strong feeling that it has something to do with deinterlacers.

One question: What does force_turbo in your MMAL code did (Milhouse or. Popcorn) when you were calling deinterlacer? Does selecting deinterlacer causes any frequency change?
Is it possible to create a build that it would actually use default clock settings if any deinterlace method is selected. I am getting feeling that deinterlacer method is very sensible to overclocking. This would maybe explain the behaviour that Milhouse is getting freezes because he uses force turbo 1 and popcornmix not.

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