OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Just getting round to setting up my brother's RPi v2 with Hifi Berry DAC.

It had a very old build #503 installed so I updated to #801. There's no sign of the DAC in the settings though and no snd entries in dmesg.

I've posted the dmesg and kodi.log

Do I need to add something to cmdline.txt or config.txt to make the DAC work?

It might be a known thing but I found my remote's OK/Select button was not doing anything and checking the logs showed it was now registering as

16:09:40 81.006470 T:1967362048 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 73702:1c 0 KEY_ENTER devinput (KEY_ENTER)
16:09:40 81.006721 T:1967362048 DEBUG: OnKey: 22 (0x16) pressed, action is FullScreen

so I just edited Lircmap.xml to change the last line to <enter>KEY_OK</enter> to match the existing line for <select>KEY_OK</select> and added an extra line to my remote.xml so it now has


and it seems to be OK now. Thinking about it though, maybe it would have made more sense to add <select>KEY_ENTER</select> to Lircmap.xml and not add the<enter> line to remote.xml?

For the overclock, I currently have:


but I seem to recall reading that there's not much point in OC'ing sdram on the v2, so shall I delete the sdram_freq=500 and over_voltage_sdram=4 lines and maybe drop over_voltage to 4 instead fo 6?

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