OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
When playing a broadcast MPEG2 stream on #0805 I can see in htop that the Kodi main process (w/ threads included) is guzzling up 35-45% of a core. Looking at kodi.bin's threads I can see the main culprit is ActiveAE i.e. the audio engine. Other threads are 1-3%. Now this is an MPEG Layer 2 audio stream at 192 kbps. The RPi2 has a MPEG2 hardware license. Any quick methods to push this CPU guzzler down to say 10%? Or figure out what it is doing?

The vdr.bin process requires about 12-20% of a core, which is consistent with a non-accelerated software CSA decrypter using libdvbcsa. There are patches by glenvt18 for libdvbcsa though that utilize the NEON instructions. The claimed speedup of 2.63x would push this process below 10% and allow even fat satellite HD streams with 25 Mbps data rate be decoded at 1/3 utilization of one core. If that ain't awesome then I don't know what is. ;-)

My own oscam build with a smartcard on USB card reader basically draws no CPU.

Haven't tried an HD stream yet, will need to borrow a smartcard from a friend.

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