OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Ok so to sumarize:
MMAL player always stalls video but the memory does not seem to leak. Look at debugs above.

OMX player works good with or without deinterlacer enabled but the memory leaks slowly untill it reaches around few mb then kodi restarts without crashlog. Mermory leaks on OMX player no matter if i have enabled or disabled deinterlacer.
During the memory leak there is no writing into kodi.log. If i stop the stream the memory does not return back , well maybee 1mb does. Also a note. I have tried to record a video and played it then with omx player enabled and there is no memory leak with recorded one only when live stream.

Another note: I have tried with tvheadend as backend and also then with iptv simple addon and on both there is memory leakage on OMX player so it is not a tvheadend cause. On iptv simple addon there is some updating on the kodi.log file.
This slowly fills with repeated data and here is a debug log during the play with omx player

Ok so i think this is it. Tell me if you need anything more. I hope it will reveal some secret. I assume that omx player will be easier to fix since when memory leak is found then the player will work. As far as i remember there was no leackage on Rpi1 with omx player but i can check if you will find this info usefull.

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