OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-16, 03:18)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-08-16, 02:56)afremont Wrote: I've been having some little audio dropouts when watching live TV. I use a Mythbuntu back end, HDHomerun tuner and RPi2 for the front end. I'm currently running the latest build 0815 from this thread. I've included a log made after rebooting everything and was wondering if someone could look at it and tell me if there is anything wrong with my configuration that might be causing the audio drops every few seconds. I have no idea where to look. Maybe I need to adjust my clocking or memory split?

What video sync method are you using Adjust PLL, Resample Audio or is sync disabled? And which deinterlace method are you using?

A debug log (wiki) would be more useful/informative.

I would also suggest you contact the MythTV maintainer for help with all the MythTV errors that are present in your log.

Adjust PLL, but I tried the Resample Audio and had the same results. I'm not sure what deinterlace method I'm using. Where is that setting? I went through all the "Expert" settings I think and didn't see that anywhere.

I will say that pausing for a couple of seconds definitely seemed to end the issue. It seems like it goes away on its own after watching for a few minutes. I'm guessing that playback is just a smidgen slower than the live and eventually buffers enough to stop dropping out.

I'll post a debug log if you want. I just thought maybe I was doing something obviously wrong. My "flash" partition is 386856 1k blocks long, is that big enough?

Yeah, I see those error messages. I suspect that there is something wrong with the guide data that is retrieved by EIT from over the air, I doubt it's schedules direct to blame. I had a similar issue with the channel callsigns. I use an HDHomerun and some of the channel information that it returned when scanning for channels had some oddball characters at the end of the string. They caused the whole getting of the guide information to blow up with a similar message. I manually fixed all of those and it started loading the guide ok from the addon. There must be something similar going on somewhere else in the information. There seems to be NULLs in the string.
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