OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-18, 23:44)noggin Wrote:
(2015-08-18, 21:16)afremont Wrote: I haven't changed the deinterlacer from Auto, but I swear this stuff looks better than it did several releases back. I watch a lot SD quality TV/recordings and it looks great to me. I'm pretty picky about that kind of thing too. I'll have to try some 1080i video and see if I can tell anything about that. The HD stuff that gets recorded is 720p so I don't think deinterlacing would be in effect then, right?

There was a tweak to the MMAL Advanced algorithm which cleaned it up quite a lot a little while ago, improving SD deinterlacing a lot. If you overclock a little you can also use MMAL Advanced on 1080i stuff with the latest builds instead of being limited to MMAL Bob.

How much do I have to overclock? I don't currently do that and my CPU runs a little over 51C as it is. Here is some sample output of watching an SD program:
Config: v0.2.6, args "", priority lowest (+19)
     CPU: 4 x ARMv7 cores available, using ondemand governor
  Memory: 1008MB (split 752MB ARM, 256MB GPU)
HW Block: |   ARM   |  Core  |  H264  |    SDRAM    |
Min Freq: |  600MHz | 250MHz |   0MHz |    450MHz   |
Max Freq: |  900MHz | 300MHz | 300MHz |    450MHz   |
Voltages: |         0, 1.3125V        |  0, 1.2000V |
   Other: temp_limit=85
Firmware: Aug 15 2015 17:55:46, version b22c2fd27dc8091883457064d8ebc3ac7c995309 (clean) (release)
  Codecs: H264 WVC1 MPG2 VP8 VORBIS MJPG
  Booted: Tue Aug 18 12:34:10 2015

Time         ARM    Core    H264 Core Temp (Max)  IRQ/s     RX B/s     TX B/s
======== ======= ======= ======= =============== ====== ========== ==========
16:48:26  900Mhz  250Mhz  250Mhz 50.84C (50.84C)  1,086      1,029      8,507
16:48:28  900Mhz  250Mhz  250Mhz 51.38C (51.38C)  1,231    227,838      8,947
16:48:30  600Mhz  250Mhz  250Mhz 50.31C (51.38C)  1,218    213,734      8,028
16:48:32  600Mhz  250Mhz  250Mhz 49.77C (51.38C)  1,307    319,033      9,562
16:48:34  600Mhz  250Mhz  250Mhz 50.84C (51.38C)  1,303    316,485      9,639^C
Peak Values: IRQ: 1307, RX: 319033, TX: 9639
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