OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-20, 08:08)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-08-20, 05:43)f1vefour Wrote: I also have a debug log of an h265 file crashing the system and associated sample file. These videos have been causing crashes over all the builds I have tried, just now got around to catching a debug log. It is random and can take a while to happen, sometimes it happens when simply entering the folder the files are contained in and sometimes it happens while playing.
I ssh'd in and tried to reboot but the system hung totally. Before attempting to reboot the video was froze and audio was just repeating (stuttering) rapidly.

Can you be very clear about your use of the phrase "crashing the system" - is Kodi restarting or hanging? Is the entire OpenELEC OS crashing or restarting?

From what you say in your final paragraph, it doesn't sound like either Kodi or OpenELEC is crashing, but the Kodi GUI may be freezing.

(2015-08-20, 05:43)f1vefour Wrote: Log:

Your log is missing. I've been playing the sample on repeat in #0819 but no problems so far.

Edit: What I have just noticed is that kodi.bin is spewing out a load of (debug?) information that is visible with "journalctl --follow" when playing a HEVC file (including your sample) - maybe this information will prove useful to @popcornmix in the event of a problem with HEVC playback, ie. upload with "journalctl --no-pager | paste" and post the link etc.

Try this again, it's kicking the spam filter in for some reason.

It's locking up the Kodi UI and somewhat locking the system, if I try to run some commands over ssh my client will disconnect and network is lost on the Pi 2. The linked log shows me login over ssh while Kodi was frozen with audio looping (like 0.1 second of audio rapidly repeating) and issue reboot. The system never rebooted and I lost network.

Kodi is frozen but the system is still responsive at first, I cant restart Kodi (or kill it) and issuing commands over ssh will eventually cause the entire system to hard lock. Never reboots, Kodi never dissappears, the audio never stops repeating. The Pi simply disappears off the network and I have to pull the plug.

I'm adding a Dropbox link to the log in case pastebin deletes my log again. Sorry for the trouble, I'm having to go home and get logs and such and come to my in laws to upload them while I wait for modem replacement.


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