OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Another issue I've run into is programmes not displaying in the correct aspect ratio. I had thought, when running #817, that I'd found that changing the view mode to Normal (or Original, I forget which) displayed 4:3 programmes with bars either side as it should. This appeared to no longer work with #819 but I think the problem is actually that some 4:3 programmes are broadcast with black bars embedded in a 16:9 frame and some are broadcast in 4:3, which on my TV's built-in tuner makes the TV aspect mode auto switch to 4:3 and display grey bars either side.

I took some photos comparing my TV's built-in tuner to the OE/TVheadend output.

TV - Aspect mode set to Auto, it auto selects 4:3 and displays bars either side (these are actually grey, they just look blue in the photo)

RPi - None of the view modes display it in 4:3, TV Auto switches to Just(ified?) aspect mode

RPi - After I manually switch the TV aspect mode to 4:3 it looks OK (with the OE View Mode set to Normal I think)

TV - 16:9 programme, Auto selects 16:9 aspect mode

RPi - Auto selects Just aspect mode but it looks OK with the OE View Mode set to Stretch 16:9

So it seems not only do I have to fiddle with the OE View Mode depending on what aspect the programme is but also manually change the TV's aspect mode. I don't know if there's any way to avoid the latter but is it possible to map a key to toggle through the OE View Modes, which would at least avoid having to bring up the OSD and navigate to the Video menu each time?

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