OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-20, 21:47)Milhouse Wrote:

would configure the Select (OK) button to toggle through the different aspect ratios.

Thanks, that will make life easier.

Quote:Also, have you tried configuring a value for Video > Playback > "Display 4:3 videos as" - try something like "Stretch 16:9" and all 4:3 videos should automatically use the selected aspect ratio.

That seems to need to be on Normal. With both Normal or Stretch 16:9 the Zoom is 1:00 but for the latter it changes the Pixel Ratio to 0.92.

I compared two programmes, The Simpsons on Ch.4 and Alias Smith and Jones on ITV4 on my TV (both SD) which are both broadcast in 4:3 (so my TV auto-switches to 4:3 mode and displays grey bars either side).

On the RPi, The Simpsons on Ch.4 sets the View Mode to Normal (as per the Display 4:3 videos setting) but Alias Smith and Jones on ITV4 sets it to Stretch 16:9 (which is the saved default view). I have no idea why it doesn't detect the latter as 4:3.. Anyway, I still need to change the TV mode from Auto (which sets it to Just with the RPi) to 4:3 for 4:3 programmes and back to Auto for 16:9 programmes.

With my TV in 4:3 mode and the RPi in Normal view mode, when the 4:3 programme switches to 16:9 adverts, not only do I have the grey bars either side but also black space above and below the adverts, so they're displayed in a fairly narrow strip in the middle. Switching the RPi view mode to Stretch 16:9 expands the advert vertically to remove the black space and then I have to switch the TV mode to Auto to expand it horizontally to remove the grey bars.

Hey, it's only adverts though, so not worth worrying about. It's just a shame I have to manually switch the TV mode and in some cases the RPi view mode, depending on whether the actual programme is 16:9 or 4:3. I think the only way round this would be if the RPi could automatically detect 4:3 programmes and create a 16:9 frame with black or grey bars either side of the 4:3 picture, which I guess is what Freeview STB do.

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