OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-21, 21:12)doveman2 Wrote:
(2015-08-21, 17:21)L-S-D Wrote: aspect ratio information is present in SI tables of the TS and in the video sequence header of the encoded video stream, so maybe Kodi relies on the one and your STB on the other and ITV4 only sets one of them correctly?

It's my TV's built-in tuner I'm using, not a STB. If my TV (and I imagine 99% of other TVs, or else people would be rather unhappy) correctly detects 4:3 programmes and Kodi doesn't, I'd venture to suggest that Kodi is looking in the wrong place for the information (maybe technically one of the right places but not in the one that everyone else has agreed to use).

I've made a few short recordings of different channels and on none of them does Kodi detect 4:3 (or at least it doesn't switch the view mode to Normal, which is what I've set for 4:3). Even The Simpsons on Ch4+1 didn't this time, when I thought it did before but it was on Ch4 before, so maybe there's a difference between the two channels.

For the first two recordings I captured the transition between the adverts (16:9) and the programme (4:3) which on my TV auto-switches between the two modes but did nothing on Kodi. Touched by an Angel seems to be in some strange format, as on Normal it has black space above and below (this is with the TV in 4:3 mode) and I have to switch it to Original to expand vertically, which sets the Zoom to 1.09. When I play the other recordings, they all use Stretch 16:9 for both the adverts and the programme but when I play Touched by an Angel again it auto-changes back to Original, which I'm not sure how it's managing as the default is set to Stretch 16:9 and "Display 4:3 videos as" is set to Normal.

ITV3+1 - On the Buses:

Ch4 - The Simpsons:

True Entertainment - Touched by an Angel:

Yesterday - Secrets of War:

All your samples play fine on Kodi Master on Linux x64, VLC and WMP. So it seems this is really a problem of the current RPi build. Doveman2s samples should make reproducing the error quite easy. Is there anything else we could help devs with?

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