OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-16, 22:32)MrNice Wrote:
(2015-08-06, 12:39)MrNice Wrote:
(2015-07-28, 19:35)MrNice Wrote: I found the starting build:

Build | low CPU% (good files) | High CPU% (bad files)
#0712 | 64 | 65
#0713 | 72 | 95

Even there is a difference between "bad" and "good" file (I don't know why) there is also a difference between builds.
I'll try to find out why the difference between files.
A bit different with build #0805;
Good files have CPU usage (kodi.bin) around 10%
Bad files have around 60%
I recall that there is no activity, no play. I run a RPi1 512.
Still the same with build #0815
Have you the same?
Do you know why?
Playing around with Kodi, I just found out why the above issue.

Edit: This is a different issue as my previous post at 11:33
How to reproduce and directly see:
Start the debug, you will get 3 lines at the above left of the screen: LOG, MEM, CPU
Navigate to menu Music and open in folder view
Browse the list of folders or music titles every 4-5 seconds. When title is short, there is no horizontal scroll CPU is low. As soon you browse a long title, there is scroll and the CPU is hight, 100% in my case.

It's why when I play some HD music in file list mode, I get some drops
Hope this will help
Config, video/audio player:
3T HDD <USB> Odroid N2+ / CoreElec <HDMI> Denon AVR-2313 <HDMI> LG TV 55UF860V
                                          <nfs wired> Linksys WRT32X router <USB> 4T HDD

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