OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-09-09, 01:40)Milhouse Wrote: Probably best for @popcornmix to explain expected benefits etc.

Currently it should behave pretty much as before, but there are internal architectural changes.

Now the video renderer is no longer a single global object, but something that is created and destroyed as needed.
In theory this could allow multiple players in the future (e.g. picture-in-picture).

There are planned improvements that will probably only come to VideoPlayer and not dvdplayer, so supporting VideoPlayer means we don't miss out. E.g.

(2015-09-04, 23:13)FernetMenta Wrote: In v15 a/v synchronization to clock was changed. The former mechanism was dead end and led to a couple of non-solvable issues. Versions prior to 15 adjusted large audio sync errors (> 100ms) by synchronizing the clock to audio. This made video and subtitles suffer from audio errors. Malfunctioning audio could ruin video completely.

Now audio and video sync to clock independently when a stream is started. This chnage requires follow-ups that have not implemented yet. When synchronization is started, audio stream has to be muted and flushed, otherwise the sync process which adds and drops audio packets to the queue would be audible.

The solution is to move this process from VideoPlayerAudio to the audio engine. This task has high priority on my todo list.

If you spot a change in behaviour from the previous build (good or bad) then report it here.

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