OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
unhelpful comment time. I'm not sure if it is a RPi problem, a UPnP problem, my configuration problem or all the above, but my experience with it stinks.
2 ethernet wired RPi2s. One UPnP shared database, and the other as a receiver.
To start, both work well with local databases, and the UPnP RPi that is sharing works great regardless.
The UPnP receiver experience stinks, even more-so trying to use Kore to control it.

On the receiver, there are no desktop recently added thumbnails for Music, Movies or TV Shows. Heck, Movies and TV Shows does not even show as an option on the desktop. It seems like the database is being shared, but not an actual constructed "library."

With Kore as a remote, (and I posted this in the Kore thread too):
On the receiving device, I can use the remote arrows to select video and music files, but if I use the Kore options like "Movies, TV Shows, Music" Kore does not see anything at all, no library.

Using the File Browser on the receiving UPnP device works about 10% of the time, the other 90% it times out. These are ethernet wired RPi2's, not wireless.
I've also had the receiving Pi lock up requiring a hard power cycle while using the Kore file manager, even an SSH reboot didn't work. I'd not had a hard lockup like that before.

My personal user experience with the current state of UPnP and my device configuration seems to be pretty awful. I though v15 was suppose to fix all that and make mysql a legacy option, and figured v16 would be even better. Is that in fact the current state, or am I missing something?

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