OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-09-15, 17:22)popcornmix Wrote:
(2015-09-15, 16:59)bagofcrap24 Wrote: Thought i had noticed it a couple of times but didn't think anything of it.
At start of playback sometimes I'm just presented with a black video screen.
Sometimes it stays as a black screen for a second or two, audio starts but video does not, then a few seconds later the video resumes from the correct point.
Sometimes it just stays on a black screen indefinetly.

Any idea when you first saw this? I'd be intested if it coincided with switch to VideoPlayer.
It was some time within the last week or 2 that I noticed irregularities at the start of playback.
But it was only then when I had switched back to using OMX acceleration instead of mmal so the problem could be a lot older than that.
I'll try going back through some builds and see if I can narrow it down

Gone back to build 819 (I know a long way back)
The first attempt at loading this file - behaved similarly to the reported issue. sat on a black screen for a couple of seconds, audio started, then a couple of seconds later the video appeared at the correct point.
All subsequent attempts to load this video resulted in Normal playback from the beginning of the file (no indefinite black screen)

Build 529
No Playback Issues At All

Back to Build 819
same issue as 1st time around.
1st attempt to load the file will result in black screen for 2 seconds, audio start, then 2-3 seconds later video starts.
During this time of black screenness If i pull up the menu the video seek timer is stuck at 15seconds until both audio and video catch up to this point.
systemctl restart kodi
then attempting to play the file again will result in the 1st attempt having the black screen issue. All subsequent attempts play properly

Somewhere between 712 & 717 (I'll narrow further) for the initial startup delay
Still need to check which build introduces the issue where playback doesnt start at all (just sits on black screen)

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