OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-09-22, 13:39)Milhouse Wrote: Debug-enabled #0921x builds uploaded: RPi / RPi2

Edit: @parcel/@Leopold: This bookmark crash definitely starts with #0919, ie. #0918 does not have this problem?

Log from #0921x

Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x74acb34c in ilcs_execute_function_ex () from /usr/lib/
[Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x73eff400 (LWP 653))]

Thread 1 (Thread 0x73eff400 (LWP 653)):
#0  0x74acb34c in ilcs_execute_function_ex () from /usr/lib/
#1  0x74acc3f0 in ilcs_execute_function () from /usr/lib/
#2  0x74accdf8 in vcil_out_get () from /usr/lib/
#3  0x0081fb7c in COMXCoreComponent::GetConfig ([email protected]=0x74000a88, [email protected]=OMX_IndexConfigAudioRenderingLatency, [email protected]=0x73efeb18) at OMXCore.cpp:1179
#4  0x00514664 in CAESinkPi::GetDelay (this=0x74000568, status=...) at Sinks/AESinkPi.cpp:420
#5  0x00514820 in CAESinkPi::AddPackets (this=0x74000568, data=0x29, [email protected]=0x74001fb0, [email protected]=2205, offset=0) at Sinks/AESinkPi.cpp:451
#6  0x004fa4d8 in ActiveAE::CActiveAESink::OutputSamples ([email protected]=0x1cf3f78, [email protected]=0x1cf4340) at Engines/ActiveAE/ActiveAESink.cpp:822
#7  0x004fb93c in ActiveAE::CActiveAESink::StateMachine ([email protected]=0x1cf3f78, [email protected]=6, [email protected]=0x0, msg=0x73f004a8) at Engines/ActiveAE/ActiveAESink.cpp:463
#8  0x004fbae4 in ActiveAE::CActiveAESink::Process (this=0x1cf3f78) at Engines/ActiveAE/ActiveAESink.cpp:554
#9  0x009e1b04 in CThread::Action (this=0x1cf3f78) at Thread.cpp:221
#10 0x009e2360 in CThread::staticThread (data=0x1cf3f78) at Thread.cpp:131
#11 0x76d54d88 in start_thread (arg=0x73eff400) at pthread_create.c:335
#12 0x7557dca0 in ?? () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/arm/clone.S:89 from /lib/

I've tried a handful of addons but the only one which crashes Kodi when run from a bookmark is my Spurs TV video plugin (it's in the official repo). It is a repeatable crash.

#0919 seems to be ok so #0920 was the first build with the problem.
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