OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)

I've recently bought a RPi2 on the strength of the work that's been done to enable playing 3D MVC video, but I'm struggling to play any that doesn't result in a reboot.

Installed OE build is 22Sept #0922

I downloaded 3 samples from another OE thread, using shared links by popcornmix
The Hobbit

I have them stored on my LAN and they play as 1080p in 2D, so as instructed, I renamed them to end the filename as <name>.3D.MVC.mkv

Now when I play them it just causes OE to crash and Pi needs to have pwr pulled.

I've tried them from both SMB share and also local SD card, same result.

If I just rename them to end <name>.3D.mkv they play in 2D still, adding the MVC causes this.

I've enabled in settings the play as Full HD 3D etc
Pi Audio is to 8 channel decode, its connected to an AV amp and PCM shows when playing in 2D.

Have I got the naming convention wrong or missing something else ?



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