OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Not sure if it helps or not... I have 2 RPi2 devices and have not had any playback stutter or freezing issues with the last few releases.

I mostly use my RPi2 devices to watch LiveTV. My backend is MythTV 0.27 using an HD Homerun Prime. My cable provider uses MPEG2 for broadcasts (most of whoch are 1080i60) and I have an MPEG2 license on both RPi2 devices. I'm using the advanced deinterlacing option, but other than the slight automatic gpu overclock during playback of interlaced content that does, I am not overclocking my devices.

I've actually noticed that sometime recently things have gotten better when I skip forward too much and start skipping backward. In mid-September, this would result in the video just freezing while the sound continued. In some cases, I could not stop it and get back to the menu and had to reboot using ssh. When it would stop, I was able to start watching again from the beginning. Now it does freeze periodically when skipping forward and then backward, but only for maybe 10 seconds and then it recovers and continues.

Wonderful work by all involved at making such an inexpensive experimenter's device work great with Kodi.

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