OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-10-09, 17:35)Milhouse Wrote: No. You'll need to enable PuTTY logging to view the communication handshake between PuTTY and OpenELEC to get an idea of why it's not working. RSA keys were recently deprecated by OpenSSH, so you may need to switch to DSA or ECDSA keys (however the latter are only supported in PuTTY when using the "development" build).

Thanks, I never even noticed the PuTTY logging option! I'll see what the log reveals. I haven't had to change anything on my PC in PuTTY for it to work with my RPi v2 and the latest builds, whilst my brother is still on #825 and I think I checked PuTTY was working when I first sent the RPi v2 to him, to replace his RPI B+. He told me it froze recently and he had to cut the power and after he rebooted all his settings had reset (this seemed to happen to him with his B+ as well but I can't recall this happening with mine on the occasions I've had to cut the power), so it's possible something got screwed up there I guess. He said he tried using the RPi reboot shortcut I created on his desktop, which is just a batch file that uses PuTTY, before cutting the power and that didn't work but I guess that's normal if the RPi/OE had completely crashed, rather than just Kodi.

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