OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-10-11, 06:49)wesk05 Wrote: As mentioned in this post : , I am having trouble playing full SBS (3840x1080) and full TAB (1920x2160) 3D files on almost all builds. As can be seen from the picture, video is highly pixelated. These files play properly on the Nexus Player, nVIDIA SATV and other Android boxes.

Debug log:
It was taken after playing the full SBS and full TAB versions of the same movie.

Off topic - but out of interest - how are these movies output by the boxes that DO play them correctly? (nVidia Shield, Nexus Player)

Do they all get output as Frame Packed 1920x1080/24p (which is effectively 1920x2205/24p with 2 x 1920x1080 streams one above the other with 45 lines of blanking between the top and bottom formats) and retain their Full HD 3D resolution or are they converted to 1920x1080/24p HSBS (i.e. 960x540/24p for each eye with no blanking between each 2:1 squeezed eye feed) for output, effectively halving their resolution?

Doesn't the nVidia Shield not cope with 24p properly? So are the 3840x1080/24p movies replayed at 1920x1080/60p with 3:2 judder and halved horizontal resolution? I don't think the nVidia supports a Frame Packed Full HD 3D output does it? (The Pi and Pi 2 are unusual in doing so, outside of Intel Core i-series CPUs and dedicated nVidia and AMD GPUs?)

I don't think there is a standard HDMI output format for 3840x1080 or 1920x2160 - though there may be a 1920x1080/48p variant (alternate frame) which is subtly different from the 1920x2205/24p frame packed standard that is used for mainstream Blu-ray 3D output of 24p content. (ISTR that 3D Blu-ray also allows for 1280x720/60p 3D content to be output as 1280x1470/60p - which is a frame packed format with 30 lines of blanking between the two 1280x720 eye feeds within the frame packed frame)

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