OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-10-15, 00:22)popcornmix Wrote:
(2015-10-15, 00:02)woronczak Wrote: Actually it does it when Use Full HD HDMI modes for 3d is off as well (although I'm pretty certain I remember that it didn't happen for SBS movies with earlier versions of OpenELEC a long time ago)

Does it only fail on stop, or does the switch into 3D mode ever fail?
Does it always fail or sporadically fail? Roughly what percentage are fails?
Does it only fail if playback framerate == GUI framerate? What about playback=23.97 and GUI=24?

If you believe this is a regression and worked better in an earlier version, then finding the build which first broke would be useful.

OK have done a bit of testing
It fails 100% of the time for 3d movies (so GUI goes to garbled view) with the following GUI settings (all at 1920*1080):
- 23.98, 24 (Projector says 24Hz for both and supports Frame Packing for these resolutions)
- 29.97, 30 (Projector says 24Hz for both and supports Frame Packing for these resolutions - I didn't know this before and had never tried this as we don't use these frame rates here). The other thing about the GUI being set to this resolution is that the Projector does not switch to 24Hz when the movie plays (it stays at 30Hz) which is a bit odd when the projector clearly supports 24Hz and switches to that rate for other GUI settings.

Also, if I am watching a 3D movie in 3D, and then toggle it off, it does the same thing with the movie (sorta looks like SBS view, but overlapping; Frame Packing is still on on the projector info) but I can toggle 3d back on and it works again in 3d.
If I am watching a 3d iso in 2D and then switch it to 3d, it changes into 3d without issue. If I try to change it back to 2D again, same problem as above.

GUI refresh rate of 25, 50 and even 60 Hz work fine on this projector and it switches back from 3D without problem - it does not support frame packing at these refresh rates.
I have no problems with 2D movies at any GUI refresh rate (or even just playing 3d isos / mvc mkvs in just 2D)

With regards to SBS or TAB movies not triggering the error before - I was thinking of something else - ignore that (I was thinking of probably version 4.2 of OpenELEC where TAB / SBS movies did not trigger the projector to go into 3d mode automatically and I had to manually change the projector).

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