OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-10-17, 19:41)hdmkv Wrote: Worth a shot. Will try later today.

Also I'd like to know if unplugging and replugging the hdmi cable fixes the issue.
If it does it means we are outputting a valid signal, but the projector didn't spot the change.
If it doesn't it probably means we are outputting the wrong signal.

I did ask our hdmi expert about this issue:
Quote:he "old" HDMI spec does not specify a way of exiting 3D mode (shame on HDMI LLC). Hence some TVs will get stuck when the source is no longer sending a 3D signal. HDMI 2.x spec mandates TVs must switch back to 2D mode when the 3D side band signal is absent (basically we just stop sending VS infoframe when exiting 3D mode). I don't think there is anything the source can do other than unplug/plug back the cable or output a different format to force the TV to resync again. I'm surprised TVs will not react to the difference between full frame packing and 2D signal as the timings are different. I will expect TV not reacting to switching between side by side/top-bottom and 2D mode only. [Of course there will always be TVs which can only enter 3D mode and remember the last seen 3D mode until "no signal" and a new 3D mode is observed, which is probably the user's problem].

My suspicion is that the projector is badly implemented and doesn't react to the 3D signalling going away.
It must be possible to "persuade" it to switch to 2D. It seems sending many seconds of "muted" video didn't help.

Other options are to drop the signal for a short period (i.e. power off the HDMI output), or switch temporarily to a very different signal (e.g. VGA60).
I attempted the second option before, but obviously broke something.

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