OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-10-23, 20:56)popcornmix Wrote: It seems to vary. When you resume an ISO VideoPlayer gets "video.iso" as the filename.
When you start from beginning you get the simple bluray menu (GUIDialogSimpleMenu.cpp) and filename is mangled to start with bluray:// which means libbluray is used to read it. I believe that extracts the .m2ts internal file. The different menu options produce "BDMV/PLAYLIST/00000.mpls" or "BDMV/MovieObject.bdmv" filenames within the iso.

I've made a change to tonight's build. I no longer use the Zidoo scheme, so no "play as 3d" in the BluRay menu.
If "MVC" is enabled in video acceleration settings then it will play the 3d stream. If disabled it will play the 2D stream.
This seems to avoid the problem with resuming in 3d mode not being possible and allows "Play main movie" to be enabled without losing the 3D option.
Nice, thanks! Looks cleaner.
I don't have any 3D ISO, but I appreciate yours and Koying's work on 3D.
Does this also make chapters work? I recall people reporting chapters didn't work with Zidoo logic.

Would it make sense to also depend on Videos -> Playback -> Playback mode of stereoscopic videos not being "Monoscopic / 2D" or "Ignore"? Both "Preferred mode" and "Ask me" would enable it, as there's nothing to ask.
Then check whether MVC is enabled.

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