OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-10-27, 20:46)Kendos Wrote: I wanted to ask this a long time now.
I have a Panasonic Plasma 3D, Yamaha RX-V571 and using this testbuilds or OpenElec 5.95.5.
If I enable the option "Use Full HD HDMI modes for 3D" I often get only a black screen. Sometimes the audio plays but I have the blackscreen.
One time a movie started with this option enabled but it was really only one time.

What is this option precisely?

Read this:

If kodi uses a standard 1920x1080 hdmi mode, the usual way to get 3D content displayed is to transmit the picture as side-by-side or top-and-bottom which halves the resolution in that direction.
The framepacking "Full HD" option allows each eye to be full 1920x1080 resolution and so has double the resolution.

However some TVs/receivers don't support framepacking modes. Also there seems to be a problem with some equipment not detecting the switch properly. It's something I'd like to find a solution to, but the displays I have don't have this problem.

If you are using a receiver, I'd be interested if bypassing it (connect Pi directly to TV) helps this issue.

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