OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
I just wanted to update real quick on something I just discovered.
(this is using Videodevil, an "adult" addon, but there is a support forum here on this site, so I assume it's not been blacklisted...)

Running Jarvis, Milhouse Build ~1024 I couldn't get any video's to play. Each and every one would give me an error about failing and to check the logs. I'm troubleshooting another issue with the Aeon MQ6 Skin, and as a solution I uninstalled that skin and went back to the default Confluence one. Now when I tried to play a video, it gave me a little more details in the popup warning. It said:

'module' object has no attribute 'PLAYER_CORE_DVDPLAYER'

Now I got that error on multiple streams from multiple sources in the Videodevil addon. As part of my troubleshooting Aeon, I downgraded from Jarvis to the latest official OpenELEC build which is running Isengard 15.2 RC. Just to see what would happen, I loaded up the Videodevil addon again, and this time it played fine. So I believe something in the Jarvis builds of Milhouse, the loading and/or configuring of the DVD Player is at fault. Hope this narrows something down. Since I got called into work today, I wasn't really able to troubleshoot this further and get you those logs I promised. Unless I'm called in tomorrow, I should have the entire day off (minus a few 20-30 minutes to do some shopping [it's my payday!]) to work on this.

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