OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
I just started playing with Kodi and Raspberry Pi like 2-3 weeks ago. Even if you included a blurb about that, I wouldn't know what it meant! So if I understand correctly, the Milhouse builds of Jarvis do not include the DVDPlayer modules and are replaced with a better software. That's great. I'm glad we figured it out. Now comes the tricky part.. (again, remember I don't know much of anything!) Is it possible to manually add these modules back into Kodi as an addon, or are they a base level feature that need to be added before compiling the build altogether? If it flat out needs to be rebuilt - don't bother. I'll ask a different question.. Is it possible to go into a "failing" addon's script file and simply change where it calls for DVDPlayer to VideoPlayer?

If nothing else, I'm sure these will be fixed eventually once Jarvis is officially being released and not a bleeding edge daily build.

Now if I can just figure out what part of Jarvis is causing the Aeon MQ6 (v3.0.0) skin to not properly display OpenWeatherMap's icons I'd be happy! According to all the troubleshooting done, it's a problem with how the skin is working with Jarvis specifically on Raspberry Pi's. The skin works great in Android and Windows systems, and the earlier build of the skin works fine in Jarvis. So I think it might be something else that needs fixed. Not knowing much about programming, I really don't see a fix coming soon.

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