OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
New OpenELEC Jarvis build #1102: RPi / RPi2
(Supercedes previous build)

# uname -a
Linux rpi512 4.3.0 #1 Mon Nov 2 22:32:55 GMT 2015 armv6l GNU/Linux

# vcgencmd version
Nov  1 2015 14:49:52
Copyright (c) 2012 Broadcom
version 8f1c8e72174c0415fd479c1c7be66b880fab3d79 (clean) (release)

# lsb_release
OpenELEC (Milhouse) - Version: devel-20151102223041-#1102-gd4c5919 [Build #1102]

# vcdbg log msg 2>&1 | grep DTOK
001690.995: Kernel trailer DTOK property says yes

# Kernel device tree status: Enabled

Based on tip of OpenELEC master (d4c5919c, changelog) and tip of XBMC master (84051188, changelog) with the following modifications: Build Highlights:
  1. New kernel 4.3.0
  2. OpenELEC master bumped to Kodi 16 beta1
  3. Bump gcc to 5.2.0 (clean build)
Build Details:
  1. OpenELEC:
    • [make] update to 4.1, update licence, update to secure links (PR:4371, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • Linux: Some leftovers and missing patches for 4.3 (PR:4408, 2 commits, 6 files changed)
    • kodi: remove xrandr support (PR:4410, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • projects/imx6/linux: enable two official touchscreen displays for Udoo (PR:4409, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • kodi: add backported patch for xbmc/xbmc#8334 (PR:4406, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
    • (jarvis) libamcodec: update to libamcodec-45a1086 (17a0b1be)
    • (jarvis) ffmpeg: update to ffmpeg-2.8.1 (33710c85)
    • (jarvis) projects: clean up DCADEC support (bdf6edd4)
    • (jarvis) re-add package: libsamplerate (7474542d)
    • (jarvis) new package: asplib (e24932e6)
    • (jarvis) new package: crossguid (2b7ae8a4)
    • (jarvis) taglib: update to taglib-1.9.1 (4f56f551)
    • (jarvis) tools/mkpkg: add mkpkg_kodi / mkpkg_binary-addons for jarvis (master) (c9caae8a)
    • (jarvis) kodi-platform: update to kodi-platform-15edaf7 (7c2953fd)
    • (jarvis) binary-addons: add adsp addons (e2284985)
    • (jarvis) bump binary addons (2ce4e81a)
    • add patch to avoid using multi lib (ec9c3166)
    • add patch to fix build using gcc5 (877c630f)
    • add patchs to fix build with gcc5 and fix default include dir (b659b7cc)
    • update version to include iOS9 compatibility (8638854c)
    • update to python-2.7.10 (3117cc51)
    • update to systemd-227 (32745c1f)
    • fix kernel build when using gcc > 4.9 (010e6251)
    • fix build optimizations when using gcc 5 (c75850c2)
    • update to 5.2.0, update configure options (88d6256a)
    • add package 'xf86-video-amdgpu' (d9e20305)
    • llvm: update to llvm-3.7.0 (a454250a)
    • mesa: update to mesa-11.0.4 (4d6bf4e3)
    • linux: update to linux-4.3 (10735c6b)
    • RTL8192DU: Fix build with kernel 4.2+ (40765be5)
    • RTL8812AU: Fix build with kernel 4.2+ (3208b638)
    • Nvidia: Bump to 352.55 (fix build with kernel 4.2+) (2ebf4707)
    • dvbhdhomerun: Fix build with kernel 4.2+ (497312cd)
    • bcm_sta: Fix build with kernel 4.2+ (b8f09d56)
    • Allow legacy nvidia driver to work with 4.2+ kernel (see 4382 for details) (57b79164)
    • linux: add new i915 blobs (ffac260f)
    • projects/WeTek_Play/patches/linux: add patch to support gcc-5.2 (1818df9e)
    • projects/imx6/patches/linux: add patches to support gcc-5.2 (83d569ae)
    • linux: add amdgpu firmwares and enable amdgpu kernel driver (fb4fc77d)
    • pvr.argustv: add gcc 5.2 workaround (77f0b5aa)
    • pvr.nextpvr: add gcc 5.2 workaround (f2bbc89f)
    • pvr.mediaportal.tvserver: add gcc 5.2 workaround (9c4b62a5)
    • projects/*/linux: sync kernel config (67c2c76c)
  2. XBMC:
    • Fix various VS code analysis complaints (and bugs) (PR:7441, 3 commits, 9 files changed)
    • Fix missing artist display in music player #16356 (PR:8339, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
  3. kernel 4.3.y:
    • New commits in this build:
      • BCM2708: Use upstream interrupt driver on all Pi1's (4a57b61b)
      • BCM2708: Use brcm,bcm2835-system-timer (de957bb0)
      • bcm2835: Match with BCM2708 Device Trees (19a27224)
      • scripts/dtc: Add overlay support (23c9e8d0)
      • lirc-rpi: Make buildable on bcm2835 (0f1e587e)
      • i2c-bcm2708: Make buildable on bcm2835 (9f2b30f4)
      • bcm2708-i2s: Make buildable on bcm2835 (f5a639a7)
      • bcm2835: Add support for uart1 (2af25412)
      • vchiq: hack: Add include depecated dma include file (2d840791)
      • bcm2709: Remove custom barrier implementation it is no different to default (95547b46)
      • irq-bcm2835: Fix building with 2708 (55e68d17)
      • dwc_otg: Remove duplicate gadget probe/unregister function (dd834a28)
      • config: remove CONFIG_CPU_SW_DOMAIN_PAN it causes panics (83c7a839)
      • BCM270X_DT: configure I2S DMA channels (d8ea31d6)
      • bcm2835-i2s: get base address for DMA from devicetree (2c8694cd)
      • configs: enable SND_BCM2835_SOC_I2S (d88a42c2)
      • bcm2835-i2s: add 24bit support, update bclk_ratio to more correct values (87a2f624)
      • bcm2835-i2s: setup clock only if CPU is clock master (3b2c5242)
      • bcm2835-i2s: Eliminate debugfs directory error (f84ee669)
      • bcm2835-i2s: Register PCM device (7d04607c)
      • bcm2835-i2s: Enable MMAP support via a DT property (f765201a)
      • BCM270X_DT: switch to bcm2835-i2s (244eb406)
      • config: fix RaspiDAC Rev.3x dependencies (bd4c88f2)
    • Commits no longer in build:
      • mailbox: bcm2708: Add bcm2708-vcio (d86df54c)
      • scripts/dtc: Update to upstream version with overlay patches (55141e6e)
      • ASoC: BCM2708: Add support for RPi-DAC (46355bc1)
      • Fix LED "input" trigger implementation for 3.19 (ee705807)
      • BCM270x_DT: Add mailbox bcm2708-vcio (af1868e0)
      • BCM270X_DT: Document the i2s-mmap overlay (697b3471)
      • bcm2835-sdhost: Improve error handling and recovery (459023e5)
      • config: Enable ZSMALLOC, ZRAM and PGTABLE_MAPPING (9666e309)
      • Add rpi-ft5406 overlay Add rpi-ft5406 driver as module (a767c3cb)
      • Fix driver detection failure Check that the buffer response is non-zero meaning the touchscreen was detected (f13481ed)
      • config: Enable 8250 serial port (7b533034)
      • config: Enable POWER_RESET_GPIO (1ae977a7)
      • bcm2708-vcio: Remove restriction of only a single instance being open (5c8ef446)
      • BCM270X_DT: Create a "core" clock, use it for SPI and sdhost (cc364b46)
      • BCM270X_DT: Add MCP7941X to i2c-rtc overlay (18fdf653)
      • dts/overlays: document DHT11 overlay (4b29016b)
      • BCM270x_DT: Default Compute Module i2c, i2s and spi support (751f8f85)
      • BCM270X_DT: Sort nodes by bus address, and consolidate aliases (310ac993)
      • (and many more - too many for the forum to show)
  4. Additional commits/pull requests/changes not yet merged upstream:
    • Updated: [env] compare: EGL/4K/HEVC, mesa, Use Limited Range by default
    • Updated: [env] compare: xf86-video-intel: Bump to 627ef68 fixes refreshrates missing after startup; linux cleanup
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