OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Quote:It's worth testing with omxplayer enabled/disabled (and MMAL enabled). While omxplayer disabled is generally recommended for Pi2, some demanding use cases (including 1080i60 with deinterlace) you may be better off with the lower cpu of omxplayer.

I will try omxplayer too. However, it mainly happens on SD (mpeg2 DVB-S2 stream) channels, on much more demanding HD channels it is fine. I hope the logs will tell us more.

Quote:"Adjust refreah rate" should be enabled. "Sync playback to display" should be enabled.
"GPU accelerated" resampling is recommended for Pi1 but can be enabled or disabled for Pi2.

In terms of quality which one is the best, "GPU accelerated" resampling or "High"?
In addition, which output is the best to use, "Fixed", "Optimized", "Best Match"? I always tend to go with best quality.

I'm not sure if I need to use PLL or not. I tried with and w/o PLL, but did get artefacts on the SD channel with both.

I did find an explanation in one of your earlier posts regarding PLL:

"The Pi has an additional solution to this which is adjusting the PLL (clock) of the HDMI display. This allows audio/video sync to be corrected without audio warbles and it works with passthrough. If it works for you it is the best solution. Unfortunately some TV/receivers don't like the clock ajustment and you may get audio or video dropouts. Most are fine with it and if this is the case you should use it." (

Sample TS will come with the logs, I just need to find some time (family, work).

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