OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
FYI - OMXPlayer stopped working. Installed 1125 and got black screens when trying to watch live TV (MPEG2). Using Mythbuntu backend. Seemed to be working as expected with 1121. I had switched back to OMX because of buffering issues and macroblocks showing that have been around for a while. I had been using advancedsettings.xml to specify larger buffers, but even without the file (yes I rebooted), it still buffers for a few seconds when starting live TV and using DVDPlayer (thats the preferred player, right?).

I turned off OMX acceleration and am now using DVDPlayer. Turned off advanced MMAL deinterlacing and that seemed to clear up macroblocking that I was getting. Do I need to be using some kind of overclocking to get advanced MMAL deinterlacing working correctly? I'm fairly sure that the macroblocking was not due to my stream as I had it on many channels regardless of signal strength (I have a huge outdoor antenna) using HDHomerun for tuner. Sorry, I can't afford the MPEG4 version of the HDHomerun yet.

FWIW here is a log with the OMXPlayer error messages:

I can provide a debug log if necessary.
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