OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-11-16, 13:58)popcornmix Wrote:
(2015-11-16, 00:00)nalor Wrote: I'm trying to play encrypted iso files in 2D (this worked in the past without problems) and 3D if possible.

But just for interest I could really try to play discs also directly from optical drive Wink

Is this currently working on OE 6.0? That does have libaacs.
Is it slower to start playback of encrypted ISOs?
Logically it would make more sense to remove the encryption when ripping the ISO rather than trying to remove it every time you play the ISO (potentially needing decryption support on multiple devices).
I would be interested if you can play straight from an optical BlueRay drive (either locally attached or from a network share). Don't think I've heard of that working (except from a network share from a PC running anydvd or similar to remove the encryption).

I'm sorry it took longer than expected to try those things - but today I've managed to execute the tests today Smile

I've connected my external usb bluray drive to the pi2 and also prepared a iso of the bluray 'Battleship' with AACS protection left untouched and a 2nd iso with AACS removed.

All test performed with default OpenELEC 6.0 installation on pi2 and I took the times until the playback started with a stopwatch on my smartphone.

Test 1: insert battleship-bluray into drive (when it is recognized the 'play disc' item is added to the main toolbar) and start playback - it takes about 5-6 seconds until the playback starts.
Test 2: start playback of AACS protected iso of the same disc: it takes about 5-6 seconds until the playback starts.
Test 3: start playback of unprotected iso of the same disc: it takes about 5-6 seconds until the playback starts.

The bottom line is I didn't notice any difference between playback-start-times from AACS protected or unprotected iso and directly from optical drive.

Can you tell what kind of problems appeared with libaacs? I couldn't find anything here in this thread nor in the RaspberryPi section here in the forum - I only noticed that libaacs got removed beginning with build #1010 and the comment 'disable libaacs as this seems to be responsible for BD ISO crashes' - but couldn't find details about this issue.

Is it possible to active libaacs in recent builds? Or has it to be activated already during compilation? Would it be possible to create eventually a single build with enabled libaacs? Thanks!

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