OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-11-29, 12:06)doveman2 Wrote: Bit of a weird one this. My brother reports that on his RPi2 (#1015) Tvheadend keeps randomly uninstalling itself (he says he sees a message popup that it's been uninstalled) and he has to reinstall it to get it working again.

He's not very tech-minded but at least I managed to teach him how to send me the log and he says that it uninstalled again shortly before sending me this one:

I'm using the same USB tuner and was on #1015 for a while (I'm on #1022 at the moment) and didn't have this problem, although the tuner does still randomly disappear and I think I have to power-cycle the RPi to get it working again, certainly a reboot doesn't do the trick.

Bit more information from my brother. He says the message he sees is "'successfully removed device", so it doesn't actually sound like Tvheadend is being uninstalled. It may be just a coincidence that he sees this and finds TVh isn't working until he re-installs it and maybe he's running into the same problem as I have with the tuner randomly disappearing, at least as far as TVh is concerned. Any ideas what that message might be about though? I searched the log and the only mention of 'removed' I found was near the end where it says 'UDev: Removed (null)'.

I'll try updating him to #1128, the same as I'm on now, to see if that improves things for him anyway.

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