OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-12-02, 14:46)afremont Wrote: I seem to have issues that others don't seem to have. How can I "clean install" a nightly to see if the problems are from accumulated gunk? I don't mind having to set up the PVR addon and the other addons I use. How can I just "reset" everything. I've seen some previous posts about renaming one of the directories. Which one is that? I used to use makesd (I think that was the utility) to set up a new card, but that doesn't seem to be an option anymore.

To test a "clean" start, rename the .kodi folder:
mv /storage/.kodi /storage/.kodi.bak

(2015-12-02, 14:46)afremont Wrote: On my box, OMXPlayer completely stopped working a while back. (I posted about it on page 150 and included a log, but didn't get a response) I'm having odd problems with audio/video sync mostly with liveTV

Sometimes it gets overlooked in the flurry of different reports, also silence can simply mean that nobody has a clue - it would be great if we knew all the answers but sometimes we don't. Best option is to wait patiently then every now and again repost updated debug logs - it may eventually jog someone's memory.

(2015-12-02, 14:46)afremont Wrote: Sync playback to display is on. A/V sync method is resample audio.

Have you tried using "Adjust PLL" as the A/V Sync method? I find this works better.

(2015-12-02, 14:46)afremont Wrote: There seems to be some kind of memory leak after an hour or two of watching live TV and memory usage gets up there and so does CPU usage, then it starts dropping frames badly. htop seems to indicate that the main thread is the problem (the one with the lowest pid).

That's a little worrying. Since this is live TV I suppose there are no subtitles? Can you provide a debug log when you start the stream. Which PVR client are you using? Are you able to provide a reproducible (recorded) sample or is it only with live playback?
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