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RPi2 Limited color range? White clipping
Have to bring this back up, it still bugs me.
Did more testing, same results, RPi2 fails to display the test videos properly, a WDTV+, blu ray player, and PC hooked via HDMI all display properly (i.e. I can induce TV setting errors to display below black and above white, as incorrect as that may be) and the RPi2 cannot. What can be done to make the RPi2 display these sample clips correctly? (tried using the exact the same HDMI port and cable, no change) I have tried all RPi2 builds from OpenElec 5.95.2 (Kodi 15 Beta 2)
up to and through Millhouse build #0306 with no noticeable improvement.

(should be able to adjust backlight+brightness to display all bars as a test)

(should be able to adjust contrast to display all bars as a test)
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RE: RPi2 Limited color range? White clipping - by J_E_F_F - 2016-03-08, 17:38

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