Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
I've been trying to install Kodi on my new HTPC, based on an ASRock N3150-ITX.

The linked OE version from post #2 works like a charm. No problems so far... besides configuring a MCE remote. But as far as a I know, this is a known bug of OE6 beta.
So thanks to all involved devs!!!!

But before using OE, I've been trying to install kodi based on Xubuntu 15. Although following the guide in post #1 (including linux image 4.1.4 and intel driver for BSW), there were still two major bugs, I could'nt get rid off.
- no HD audio with 24p. Just a crackling sound.
- after switching input on receiver or turning it on/off, no desktop will be visible any more.
Since this bug occurs on a plain Xubuntu installation, but not in OE, this may not be related to this VAAPI version of kodi. Though I'm curiuous if this is a known bug for BSW and if there is a solution for it.

Maybe you could also add "AE_SINK=ALSA" to the guide as an optional start parameter.
Correct me, if i'm wrong. But this sould normally do no harm, but enable HD audio for the audiophiole users.

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