Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2015-08-13, 13:05)fritsch Wrote:
(2015-08-13, 09:52)pxpert Wrote:
(2015-08-12, 14:26)wsnipex Wrote: your mesa is most probably missing the NV12 extension. But since you cut the log, I'm just guessing

(2015-08-12, 15:06)fritsch Wrote: Yeah +1 - the mesa extension is missing. Either build mesa git (master) or pick the patches wsnipex ships in his repository.

Thanks for your support, this is my full kodi log

As you can see, I'm already using mesa GIT release (10.7.0-devel - 26/07/2015), so I dunno why this extension is missing...

Not a Debug Log (but many, many banned addons installed). Please follow the howto for Ubuntu, which is the topic of this thread. We have no clue what gentoo currently does.

Aaah sorry, here is it, with debug enabled!

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