Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
Well 10 bit is yuv level and as AIUI this will still give a quality gain when displayed as 8bit RGB (going from full range 8 bit RGB -> studio 8 bit yuv then back eats millions of colours - I think you end up with 2.3m). So even without high bit displays you get a gain today if your display can really do 8bit RGB.

On higher display depths - it seems quite common for TVs to advertise deep colour - my 5 year old mid range Panasonic plasma does. It's even possible at hdmi level to drive it as such today with open source radeon driver and the right card. You would need to patch up xserver and use something capable to really drive it with full bits. I tested the patches when they went in (at hdmi level). The dev that did them did it for *scientist users" with oled displays that used s/w that he develops/supports (psychtoolbox-3).

As for the future - well I want HDR and 120fps already!

Edit: the app was called psychtoolbox-3

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