Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2015-09-20, 00:58)fritsch Wrote:
(2015-09-20, 00:51)VirtualRain Wrote:
(2015-09-20, 00:42)fritsch Wrote: You cannot and this the thing you totally don't understand. But yeah - choose what you are happy with, user has choice and this is the OSS spirit we have here.

It's very possible I don't understand. I've been learning a lot about limited vs full levels lately so there might be something I'm missing still. Can you explain? I'd like to know.

I replied to your last post in detail concerning the settings you chose ... more detail is not possible.

Yes, thank you. It's now clear to me what settings make sense and why. Conversions in levels are to be avoided at all cost. Running Kodi Limited, GPU full, and the TV on limited is the best solution... and this can be done on stable versions... you don't need to be running these experimental builds.

What's not clear, is what turning off "prefer VAAPI render mode" does in OE5/Kodi14.2... It appears to have no consequence on my video quality, but as I said, I only watch 24p material... not TV and I have relatively powerful CPU so software rendering is probably just fine. I guess if you really need that option enabled then yes, these experimental builds are helpfu... but I keep saying, no where does it articulate exactly who would benefit from this.

But at least for the time being, it seems any Kodi 15.x builds are not compatible with the Haswell Mac Mini display refresh rate changes... which is more of a problem than VAAPI rendering.

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