Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2015-09-24, 20:42)gurabli Wrote: I'm finally running the new hardware (N3150), it is working very nice. I must say that the picture quality is way better then with the Nvidia ION.

Not sure about the RGB settings. I created the /home/kodi/.config/openbox/autostart file and inserted the:

OUTPUT=`xrandr -display :0 -q | sed '/ connected/!d;s/ .*//;q'`
xrandr -display :0 --output $OUTPUT --set "Broadcast RGB" "Full"
/usr/bin/kodi --standalone

In Kodi I find the black nicer when set to Limited Range, and Dihtering disabled. How can I be sure if I'm using the correct settings?
I don't have any options on my Panasonic Viera plasma screen regarding full/limited RGB. However, these screens are quite high-end, maybe they do support Full RGB?

One more questions: where do I need to but the advancesettings.xml file, and what should be the settings regarding the audio delay now? I'm suing hdmi for audio to tv (and maybe will use analogue out to stereo amp).

If you use a build dated 1509020 or later you don't need hack for full range from GPU, that works by default (read first post).

What panasonic plasma do you have? On my st60 you can choose HDMI RGB range under option settings. If you've set kodi to limited, 16-235, you should choose "normal" on the TV (limited). DON'T set it to auto. Those are correct settings.

Advanced settings xml goes in userdata folder. Try "0" and work your way up until sync is good. Seems to be different for everybody.

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