Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2015-09-25, 18:26)fritsch Wrote:
Quote:Ok, fritsch, you are my hero. I step by step deleted those repos and finally the problem was solved (obviously was depending on the "repository.lambda" which was linking to some """.source - I do not know where I got it from or what addon on it was necessary for). Therefore I have to admit that I was wrong and those repos actually can cause trouble. I always thought they were just executed when I try to download some addon. That's why I never deleted them. Hmm...

Yeah - thx much for reporting back. It is much more honest to come back and actually state the own mistaked :-) you got a +1 on my sheet :-)

Quote:So thank you very much. I now keep waiting for some solution as to the sync problem (seems you guys are already discussing some issues with audio and video sync). I meanwhile keep Kodi at 50Hz avoiding the refreshrate change when enetering fullscreen in LiveTV. THat serves as a workaround

This is currently work in process. The most tested use case currently is: Passthrough completely disabled. Just PCM audio out and Sync Playback to Display enabled. Also there is a new setting below Adjust Refreshrate to match video, which you could try. This should wait until the Refreshrate switching is done.

But yes, you are right - Audio Sync is currently 100% reworked by Fernet and there are rough edges. So a log - with the "state machine errors" I could spot through your logging - would be nice.

Hi fritsch,

activated the new option "sync video to monitor" as you suggested (though I actually thought this option did exist in previous builds as well). But then video is totally jerky and stuttering.

Here are the logs:

Option "sync video to Monitor" disabled(audio out of sync):

option "sync video to monitor" enabled (video jerky and stuttering, no audio at all):



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