Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2015-10-02, 22:14)fritsch Wrote:
(2015-10-02, 11:45)Sunflux Wrote: Just in case you were wondering, here's a stress test log with VAAPI render disabled. Certainly not problem-free, but the system didn't crash and video was still playing fine when I rebooted.

It looks good. Fernet found a bug that could have caused the "mem leak". The EGLContext was not destroyed and probably all allocated surfaces would remain unfreed:

I will be travelling until Sunday ... so don't expect any new build until then.

Hey, no problem... just trying to help where I can! I know skipping around like that seems like a ridiculous non-real-world occurrence, but I've just found that forces the issue quickly, especially with that high bitrate file. And if you saw the YouTube garbled video, once that starts, it happens on every single video I play - and shortly after that, the system will die.

The first time the lockup happened, I was 40 minutes into a movie, hit the shortskipback button once, and boom - frozen. Nothing else had occurred before then.

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