Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
Use the experimental build from one page back. Also latest build from Jarvis folder has 4.3. Official upcoming Openelec final 6.0 won't work on your hw anyways.

Quote:With a nvidia gtx950 kodi is starting but at 2160p, interface and videos are stuttering - even without any framedrops. It seems to be fine for 24p source videos but not so for 25fps source videos. kodi switches back to 50hz in a 25hz video even if i set the system refresh rate to 25hz.

This has been answered many times. We play the video at the maximum refreshrate r_i for which r_i % fps == lowest value and 2160p is the resolution your display tells us as "default mode". Furthermore all my "Isengard" backport builds are only meant for Intel only. At this time of the EGL patches no nvidia debugging was done. For nvidia choose the Millhouse builds or the Jarvis version.

The version which should run on your intel hw is: <- again Isengard is old and outdated from dev point of view - Jarvis is the future.
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