Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
The notebook is not showing anything via HDMI. and it is not detected in windows. but this is not really the topic here. first i thought the hw (intel) is not liking the tv. but now i see under linux that the n3150 is able to show something on tv.

The n3150 is showing bios via hdmi and vga. vga is working all the time. i believe to remember that the syslinux message is also showing.

these are some older logs with oe 6.0 beta 5 image. i think the cpio ("*ERROR* Requesting EDID firmware "edid/edid.bin" failed (err=-2)") stuff are missing there. it is fixed now but here you can see during boot with avr on / tv off sound is working and otherwise it is not when tv is on: ->avr on / tv on ->avr on / tv off

"[drm:intel_dump_pipe_config] audio: 1, infoframes: 1" output came from "->has_audio" which should be always true when drm properties is HDMI_ON which i could trace back to the xrandr --set audio on. but it don't. ELD is always valid with 8 SAD. when the system is booting with working sound and iam enabling the tv it will preserve the audio operational state. but when xrandr is called the audio is dropped. i think because it will rely on the original edid data from line which shouldn't be because i have given the edid.bin.

as i have written, i will do more logging in the evening and add a bugreport on freedesktop

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