Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
Okay, 95 is working MUCH better. The video plays fine, and so far I've been unable to break it through seeking. Still... without range conversion going on, 12-bit/36-bit output does not do anything but create a higher bandwidth image. I've checked the bars on my greyscale chart, and there's no smoothing or anything going on, so no benefit over 8-bit/24-bit.

(2015-11-11, 10:01)VirtualRain Wrote: BTW, there is a third alternative for effective passthrough which can work for some folks using the Official OE... (Works for me on good old OE 5)... Set Kodi Limited, disable VAAPI rendering, force the driver (xrandr) Full at startup, and set your TV to Limited.

Main issue with that workaround is you need to be able to force your TV into limited mode, as auto detection will think the signal is full-range. This gets around that. Secondary issue is without VAAPI, CPU usage is higher.

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