Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
OK, here's a new crash log with gdm installed,this time after exiting kodi (back to command line):

An update about the freeze/hang bug: I copied 2 TV show episodes to internal ssd (path: /home/kodi) to see if with videos stored locally the same problem occurs. One video was hw decoded and the other one software decoded. So far after playing back in the background the 2 copied videos and browsing really hard at it NO freeze, hang or crash happened.
While doing so the box at some point did get up to 75° Celsius and CPU raised to <= 88% and for 1 second I even saw CPU raised to 104%, yet no lag while browsing.

Now it's time to test again with videos in my library linked to my NFS shared HDD but I feel I hurt the drive every time I do this because the box hang becoming unresponsive while using it and I don't know if that can corrupt my HDD.

I setup my /etc/exports file with:
(rw,async,insecure,no_subtree_check), Kodi has direct access to the NFS share so is not using the mount point I have setup in Ubuntu server.

What do think @fritsch?

Edit: Forgot to mention that after my last post I left home and when I came back to test/debug the box was unresponsive, so while on but not in use the box froze/hung again, had to force reboot...

Then when I was under file manager menu setting up sources to copy videos from my HDD to my local ssd, the box froze again, this time rebooted itself... DEBUG LOG:

NOTE that is not possible to get short debug logs while trying to reproduce the problem because its random while browsing or after being idle for long hours. The fastest way to reproduce is while playing video in the background and browsing the heck out of it lol.
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