Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
@fritsch below are the posts with all the info regarding the FREEZE/HANG bug I reported for the PPA version to make it easier for you to follow. I'll be editing this post if needed with more info.
(2015-11-22, 01:21)Veronica Wrote: Hello! I own an Asus Chromebox (2gb ram/16gb ssd/Haswel) with latest coreboot firmware, fresh installed this a week ago (Ubuntu server version not OE), followed instructions to the letter including the settings and I've been updating since then plus upgraded to kernel 4.3 mainline as advised. Using NFS.

Problem I have ( which reminds me an old annoying bug) is that the box FREEZES while browsing kodi, then Box gets totally unresponsive and is not accessible thru ssh, have to force reboot most of the times.
I've had random FREEZES while browsing kodi menus, while playing back a video in the background then browsing menus and once while being opened without been in use for long time.

No freezes while watching videos though (without touching it), at list not yet. Videos play fine without drops and skips, tested SD and HD.

Also sometimes when the box restart eather manually or automatic after freezing it boots to black screen (I've seen kernel panic error too).
Same happened when trying to install Ubuntu server 15.10 with default 4.2 kernel and the workaround was to boot with acpi=off, install, upgrade to 4.3 and then turn acpi=on? (Not sure about acpi=on or just remove the acpi flag), so it might be related and i don't know how to debug that.

Question how do I know when box is doing software decoding? In some SD videos for example I notice more cpu usage I guess that's one way to tell.

Hope the logs are correct and it shows the issue.

DEBUG LOG: (from kodi.old.log)

I took a small video, will post link once uploaded to YouTube.

(2015-11-22, 18:24)Veronica Wrote:
(2015-11-22, 09:15)fritsch Wrote: In your dmesg there I see a kodi segfault at the end - please also upload the crashlog which is in your home directory. Check temperatures, also do a complete memory test (!) of the box via memtest86+. Concerning sw decoding: If you press "o" - hw decoded always has "-vaapi" in the dc line, e.g. dc: ff-h264-vaapi


Temperatures were below 60° Celsius while in kodi and while running memtest86+


Thank you very much Smile and good day/night.
(2015-11-23, 04:47)Veronica Wrote: OK, here's a new crash log with gdm installed,this time after exiting kodi (back to command line):

An update about the freeze/hang bug: I copied 2 TV show episodes to internal ssd (path: /home/kodi) to see if with videos stored locally the same problem occurs. One video was hw decoded and the other one software decoded. So far after playing back in the background the 2 copied videos and browsing really hard at it NO freeze, hang or crash happened.
While doing so the box at some point did get up to 75° Celsius and CPU raised to <= 88% and for 1 second I even saw CPU raised to 104%, yet no lag while browsing.

Now it's time to test again with videos in my library linked to my NFS shared HDD but I feel I hurt the drive every time I do this because the box hang becoming unresponsive while using it and I don't know if that can corrupt my HDD.

I setup my /etc/exports file with:
(rw,async,insecure,no_subtree_check), Kodi has direct access to the NFS share so is not using the mount point I have setup in Ubuntu server.

What do think @fritsch?

Edit: Forgot to mention that after my last post I left home and when I came back to test/debug the box was unresponsive, so while on but not in use the box froze/hung again, had to force reboot...

Then when I was under file manager menu setting up sources to copy videos from my HDD to my local ssd, the box froze again, this time rebooted itself... DEBUG LOG:

NOTE that is not possible to get short debug logs while trying to reproduce the problem because its random while browsing or after being idle for long hours. The fastest way to reproduce is while playing video in the background and browsing the heck out of it lol.
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