Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
just a fyi,

OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0-devel-20160107202854-r21637-geb33d65.tar and the .img.gz dont work properly its old but not save Tongue

first i burned the geb33d65.img.gz to a usb stick, and installed it on my chromebox, it booted fine, but i was unable to navigate in Confluence, after that i burned the usb again and installed again same issue...

so I burned the official OE6 to the usb stick installed/booted, all fine, i put the ...geb33d65.tar in the update folder and reboot... all looks good on start up, but Its impossible to install any addon from the kodi repo, always error/failed...installing from -zip worked fine...

I wiped everything again and installed OE6 and update to OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0-devel-20160106165807-r21635-g66088ed.tar

All fine now :>

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