Warning Kodi is not running on iOS9 - This is for developers only!
Current state of iOS9 support.

Update from 19.10.2015:

Found a way to keep ios5.1 support with our builds. Also pushed Isengard 15.2-1 to cydia which has iOS9 support. For nightlies i want to wait another day before merging the iOS9 support. Only known issue is that on ios9 at least on my 64bit device the nfs support is not working anymore. (can't say if this is 64bit only - but it works on my other devices which are all 32bit and iOS6).

---------snip for reference -------
Update from 18.10.2015:

We will regain iOS9 support for jailbroken devices in the next couple of days ... just monitor this pull request. As you can see i had to drop ios5.1 (ipad1) support sadly. But at least i was able to retain ios6,7 and 8 support.


Test build:


You should remove the appcake version before trying it out.

Official Statement: Currently there is no support for running the iOS Versions of Kodi which we (Team Kodi) provide on iOS9. The people which report having it work might run a device with 32bit CPU (which might make it work - didn't verify this).

The reason it doesn't work is described here (very technically):

https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/7524 (last post from "skrawczuk")

This basically tells us: If Kodi in the current state should be able to run on iOS9 i would need to compile it with Xcode7 and minimum iOS Version 8 as target. On the other hand such a Kodi version would only run on devices which at least have iOS8 installed. (we loose instantly support for ios5,6 and 7 - some of those versions are the latest available for some devices). Thats not acceptable and i don't want to see anyone of those tiny ios app developers question this decision. (we are not in the business of Apple AppStore app development, nor do we follow the best practice to always screw users with outdated hardware - until there is really really no other way).

1. Either the jailbreak would need to loosen those dylib restrictions (by patching the dyld binary) - obviously it doesn't.
2. Or someone would need to figure out a way to change all our dylibs so that they pass the sanity check (e.x. we need a tool or a way to add this extra padding in the dylib headers without recompiling Kodi).

Currently i have no internet at home at all (someone cracked a cable in the neighbor street). Also i am still not finished with making my new flat complete.

So its not lazyness. I am aware of the problem since iOS9 was released. But its exactly that time that my real life took me back and it will need me for quiet some more time until i really settled in the new city.
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Warning Kodi is not running on iOS9 - This is for developers only!1
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