Scraping PBS Programs with TVDB

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The TVDB scraping seems to go well with network TV programs (ABC, NBC, CBS ...) but doesn't do well with the PBS shows.

The PBS Newshour and PBS Newshour Weekend shows don't scrape at all and therefore don't show up under my TV listings. I have to go to the listing as Video Files to even be able to access the shows. This is the same problem with Religion & Ethics Newsweekly.

All three shows are listed in the DB but the season and episodes are not kept up to date so they don't scrape. Is there a way to make it so these shows appear in the TV listings?

The Masterpiece shows are recorded with titles that have to be edited by removing the Masterpiece" and adding the season-episode code so they can scrape. Am I missing something that would let me avoid editing the file names for each of these shows?
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Now if we could just get the networks on the Kodi bandwagon we wouldn't have all these issues. Sadly there is no easy solution, as noted recording titles is at the mercy of the method you use to capture and it's naming convention, but to have this listed in a timely fashion at the TVdb for scrapes is another issue outside of Kodi, so I'm on your side in imploring the world to get on Kodi time and function.

You can handle all this by hand, manually making .nfo files for each listing and diligently keeping up with episodes, artwork etc. Alternately as you have found you can just use file mode. I personally use Add-on:Super Favourites (wiki) and create my own folder hierarchy for file mode.

windows fresh start -> delete C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Kodi First time user (wiki) Log file (wiki) Video management (wiki) Artwork (wiki) Supported hardware (wiki) Releases (wiki) Database versions (wiki) Skin features compatibility list (wiki)
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