Slate Beta Released

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marathont Offline
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Abe87 Wrote:marathont I haven't had any problems with this feature. Are you sure that the script that you are trying to launch has a Which script are you having trouble with? I tested with Apple Movie Trailers and everything worked fine.

I had been using the latest t3ch build (rev8519), but I just installed rev 8306 from 15-04-07 and the buttons now work as expected.

Maybe there was a problem with the previous installation. I will try installing the latest build again.

Another I thing I noticed, when I uncheck the 'enable scripts buttons' in the settings menu the buttons still appear on the menus.
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Abe87 Offline
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I'm glad to hear that the script buttons are working correctly for you now. Thanks for the bug report on the script buttons. I'll fix that and include it with the next release.
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HarshReality Offline
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So when/if is this going to SVN and/or is it current with control changes?

[Image: x3.jpg]
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xino Offline
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any chance on the ps3 skin?Tongue
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fluidman Offline
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Quote:Finally - Slate 0.84 available

[Image: screenshot013.jpg]

After taking a long break (real life caught up on both Abe and myself), we were finally able to finish up version 0.84 of Slate. Again we added some more features, like different widgets for the home screen (position can be chosen by the user), new view types, and some bug fixes.

If you find bugs, please make sure to let us know in the different forums. And if you want to help translating Slate into your language, contact us.

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alucard77 Offline
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I just wanted to say thank you for this skin. This is by far the best skin for the xmbc for me at least. It has everything I want.

I have one suggestion. In Wide Icon view, instead of having a box around the icon, maybe a you can do a transparent white background.

Other then that, this is great.
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janszoon Offline
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Hi Abe,

Great skin design!!

I like the way that 'Slate' reflects the album cover when in viz mode.

I have fiddled PMIII with a few tweaks and I would love to include the reflection of the album cover in Vis Mode.

Currently I have added this line of code in MusicVisualization.xml under the image control:

<control type="image" id="1">
    <aspectratio aligny="top">keep</aspectratio>
    <texture flipy="true" diffuse="thumb_mask.png">-</texture>
    <visible>Player.ShowInfo + !Skin.HasSetting(reflect)</visible>

ignore posx as I was just experimenting...

I then created a mask 'thumb_mask.png' and put this in the PMIII media folder.

basically nothing happend.

Can you point me in the right direction??
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pike Offline
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Abe87 I promoted you to 'Skinner' usergroup.

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

[Image: badge.gif]
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Abe87 Offline
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janszoon you need to edit out !Skin.HasSetting(reflect) from the visible tags This is because Slate has a skin setting to turn reflections on and off and PM3 does not. Hope this helps.

pike Thanks for the promotion

To all the users of Slate, Sorry there hasn't been any updates for Slate recently. It's been a busy summer. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to Slate this fall.

I was wondering what the users of Slate thought of the new Home Screen Widgets? Any feedback on the skin would be very helpful. Thanks!
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alucard77 Offline
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Post: #55
Your skin is great.

I use the weather widget so far, and it is nice. Great Job overall. I mentioned one thing above for your skin. Just with Wide Icons, it would be cool to have a transparent window highlight of the wide icon instead of just a white box.

Also, a coverflow idea would be nice, the same as this link:

I think you'll be hard pressed to get feedback, this skin is so good already. Don't know how much you can do to improve it.
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matthuisman Offline
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Nice skin Team Af

Just letting you know, the new and muchly improved XinBox script has been released.

Feel free to skin it and send me the skin so i can add it to the script etc.

Heres the link to the forum (it has the download link etc)


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ordaos Offline
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This is my favorite skin as well. I only used PMIII before but I think this one is much better. I use the weather widget as well, and I really like the "Radar" button on the weather page. Adding the "Lyrics" button to the viz screen was a great idea as well.

I am still having trouble with the script buttons however, I turn them on, choose the script directory and make sure there is a in the directory, and the buttons appear in the library menus but when I press them nothing happens. Not a big deal though, but I have tried it on 3 builds (earlier t3ch release, deff release, and latest t3ch release) as well as on a second newly softmodded xbox. So I don't know what could be going wrong as far as installation or setup.

Also as far as scripts and their skins... I don't know how to install any of the Slate script skins. Shouldn't the Slate skin files match up with the default skin files of the scripts? If not, is there anything I need to do as far as file renaming/deletions? A few quick guidelines would be useful...

The only other issue I can think of is some of the other scripts don't display properly... for example Torrent-X you can't always see what buttons are highlighted, this is also a problem in XboxPodcast script. No big deal but just fyi...

Some other popular scripts you may want to consider if you get the burning urge to skin some scripts are iTunes Radio and TV Links. I think these are all pretty useful but their look could use an overhaul to be more compatible with Slate. XinBox looks good as it is but a Slate them certainly couldn't hurt.

Anyway I am not trying to be picky and if you never updated Slate again I'd still use it as it is, but I just wanted to give some feedback.

Thanks a lot for your effort, I think this skin will eventually be more popular than PM3.
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